Sunday, March 16, 2014


Ini adalah sesuatu yang sengaja saya mahu kongsikan. Bukan untuk dipercayai hidup-hidup. Tapi hanya sebagai bahan untuk tambah pengetahuan.

Semasa saya sedang 'google' berita terkini tentang kehilangan pesawat Malaysia Airlines, MH370. Saya terjumpa pautan yang agak menarik ini, kerana setelah dibaca, banyak juga yang relevan dengan insiden yang berlaku.


In the case of Flight 370, the dominant numbers are 3 and 7. To begin with, March is the 3rd month of this 7 global year (2+0+1+4=7). And this event occurred on the 7th day of the 3rd month.

As mentioned in my recent article “2014 – YEAR OF THE MIND”, there is always something “strange” and unfamiliar about the 7 vibration. The numerology involved here does indeed reflect the typical ‘weirdness’ and complexity of 7.

The type of aircraft involved is a Boeing 777-200ER. (Even the extension 200ER adds up to 7). En route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, flight 370 disappeared off the radar in Vietnamese air space on 7 March, 2014. This date breaks down to 7/3/7. (Or 3/7/7 in the USA.) The trip from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing is 3,700 kilometers. Malaysia Airlines started its operations on October 1, 1972, which breaks down to 1/1/1 =3. (Therefore, 3, made up of 1+1+1), is this company’s Destiny Path Number).

7 represents the inner details – hidden aspects – the inner workings – secrets – conspiracies – mysteries. 7 studies and analyzes the facts, and is also the number most associated with planning and orchestration. 7 thrives on knowledge – intelligence.

3 represents outer appearances which can be very deceiving. 3 is the ultimate ‘illusion’ number, and represents all forms of art and communication. 3 often over-simplifies in order to avoid having to deal with complexity and detail. So, when it comes to understanding this case, there is a constant pushing and pulling of information.

When 3 and 7 combine, understanding often gets thrown off in a new direction whether it is based on truth or not. 3+7 = 10 – the number which brings situations, for better or worse, to a ‘new level’.

Ironically, truth-seeking 7 is often used to hide the truth. 7 both deepens the mystery and intrigue – and exposes aspects that have been covered up. Consequently, 7 is associated with speculation, conspiracy, conspiracy theories, secrets, spying, scandals, and downfalls. 3, in its shallowest form, is associated with distraction, gossip, hearsay, and the spreading of rumor.

These are perplexing numbers indeed because, whether by chance or on purpose, they tend to obscure the reality of the matter – and other matters simultaneously going on in the world. It’s all connected.

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